Best HTML Coding editor for Android

Those looking for a free HTML/CSS editor may be in the learning stage for those languages. As an instructor, I recommend those in that stage should use a basic editor with a minimal interface, to concentrate just on the code. My picks are notepad++ or HTMLkit, for Windows, and Fraise App (a continuation of Smultron) for the Mac.

My requirements for an easy to learn, free editor: syntax coloring that handles HTML, CSS and js, syntax checking/validation, a quick, real-browser-rendering preview and a useful find and replacement tool. Features like snippets, a close tag shortcut etc. are nice basic extras. Fraise has all of them, and is the perfect Mac-based editor for a beginning/intermediate coder.

TextWrangler for the Mac is also free, but lacks some of the above features.

Once you start really building there is no substitute for a text editor with better productivity features. Aptana or Komodo Edit are feature rich and free for both platforms, but take a lot of interface learning at first, even for basic features like setting up browser previews.

The better interfaces you'll find in the pay-for editors are certainly worth the $40 and up. The slick features of Textmate and Coda make me leave my venerable BBedit now and then.

But what if you want to write coding on a Android device. You don't need to worry about it. see below-

Follow these instructions to download the best HTML Editor for Android:-

  1. Go to Playstore.
  2. Search for Webmaster Html Editor.
  3. Download and open it.
  4. Design the website whatever you want to like to make with this coding editor on your mobile.

You can also watch my video if anything goes wrong