How to control any Android with your Face?

Control Android with face

There is no limit as to what a man can do with his imagination. It's really not easy its just the matter of time for whatever can be imagines can be ralized, its just the mater time. Have you ever imagined how to control android device with face. Yeah thats true now you can completely control over your Android Device only with your face. Thanks to ev facial mouse for giving people such an opportunity.

What is Eva Facial Mouse?

Eva facial Mouse is a free App available on the Playstore that allows a user to control over your Android Device by tracking the movement of your head thorough the front camera of your Smartphone. The control is possibly by a pointer that keeps tracking the movement of your head through the front camera giving you access the use of the interface without the use of your fingers.

How to Download Eva Facial Mouse?

  1. Go to Playstore.
  2. Search for Eva Facial Mouse.
  3. Download and open it.
  4. Manually Configure it with the help of instructions you see in the App.
  5. Now start enjoying using your phone with your face.

You can also watch my video if anything goes wrong